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    Some People clean shoes,
    others go further and shine them.
    Then theres Steven D.R Skippen elevating the shining of shoes to an artform. 

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The Art Of Shine


Who we are...

Shoeshine UK are an Artisan Shoeshine  and Patina service located at The London Hilton on Park Lane for the past thirteen years with the ambition of educating the UK public that shoe care is equally as important as a quick brush.

The London Hilton on Park Lane is one place in central London were you can get a real shoeshine. Sadly these days this is a thing of the past with shoe care seemingly not relevant and speed of the essence.A lover of his work, Steven D.R Skippen seeks to change the public perception of what it should be to care for a real shoe, and not just an art fig leaf.

“why use a service that gives you a result that you could get yourself at home when you could use a service that would change your perception of shoeshine forever?  The public are not aware of the differences and this is why shoeshine is sadly at the lowest point it has ever been. Its time people saw what shoeshine really could be like”.

Using his bare hands to apply all the products which is a skill that has taken many years to perfect Steven has reinvented the wheel of shoeshining.


Where we are...

For 13 years  the big red chair has been installed in the lobby of The London Hilton on Park Lane, close to Hyde Park, Stevens hands have had the opportunity to dwell on the shoes of the Sultan of Brunei, The Dalai Lama, Mike Tyson, the King of Jordan, Jean Claude Van Damme and the great football star, George Best.

Each time, the technical manual which is divided into nine stages  is incredibly precise, and very far from the basic brush issued around the world, Skippen explains that

“Brushes to me have no effect. If you applied cream to your face would you use a brush? I like to penetrate the leather with my bare hands giving care and a deep shine at the same time”. Believe what you see not what you read, redefining a dying artform.

Shoeshine UK are also located at The London Hilton on Park Lane, Sautter Cigar Shop in Mayfair and numerous Office group locations with several high profile locations waiting to be confirmed.


What we do...

The key here is dont believe the hype try a service for yourself and make your own decision on what you prefer. Trust us you wont be dissapointed and will leave with brand new shoes.The service offered by Steven brings a real plus to shoes, and obviously allows them to last much longer. It begins by feeding the leather with three different creams a combination of Beeswax, mink oil from Saphir, Lord Sheraton leather balsam and Ultra Creme, then a leather massage, followed by applying a multitude of colours at each location of the shoe; this can darken and lighten at will to emphasize the slenderness of the foot.

He even re patinas the front of the shoe, often grazed by hours of walking. After about twenty minutes of treatment, the shoes are like new and even a little better because the patina is made of the highest quality.It uses 18 colours all come from products by Angelus, Saphir, La Cordonnerie  Anglaise  and Berluti. He cannot bear others

“I have to say with most as soon as you open the tin all you smell is petroleum”.

Shoeshine UK do events and exhibitions and are activley seeking new opportunities and locations to show as many people worldwide The Art of Shine.

Shoeshine UK

22 Park Lane

TEL - 07941045275