Our aim is to make people of the world understand that shoeshine is an art form that has sadly been taken to new lows due to quick shine style operations that give you a quick brush. We aim to reinvent the wheel and transform the industry in the same way that hairdressing reinvented itself.

Dont believe what people tell you come and see The Art of Shine for yourself.


Not all shoeshine services are the same. Steven feels that all shoeshiners are painted with the same brush which is the complete opposite to hairdressers and barbers who are seen as two separate fields. People need to see that there are the shiners who take two minutes and the other artists like himself who take as long as the shoe needs. "Maybe we should be called by a different name". In hairdressing you have the local barber who charges £6 for a five minute job and then at the other end of the scale the salon who charge £150 for a full hours experience. People need to understand that this is the same in the shoeshine industry and that we are not all the same.

"A quote from Julian Sudre  the founder of Style Alphabet  "

So, whilst talking to Steven, I realized that his endeavour about polishing shoes is far beyond the mere act of polishing. In fact, he believes the time has come to educate the British public that shoeshine doesn’t have to be a quick brush and there is so much more to his profession if done properly. Perhaps, after all he’s right.

Yours shoes should be entitled to get as much TLC  as they need if you want to expand their longevity, and more to the point, if you want to look like a real gentleman.

An example is a client will say how much do you charge and the response is no thanks I can get it done cheaper somewhere else? What is wrong with this is that service might take two minutes yet we could take twenty and care for the shoe in a way not seen by a person who is used to a two minute job. People are not aware and think we all do exactly the same.

Looking along a line of shoes in the London Underground, it is all too obvious that shoe polishing is no longer a de rigueur practice for business men. Even quite well dressed fellows may sport scuffed, sad-looking footwear, and the pre-eminence of trainers, casual loafers and Hush Puppies explains why the British shoe industry, once so vibrant and world-renowned, is now but a shadow of its former self.

The aim of Shoeshine UK is to transform peoples views on shoes and to make caring for there shoes a priority.

Shoes are a piece of artwork and should be treated so by both ladies and gentleman. We aim to encourage not only the business man who you would expect to use a shoeshine service but also ladies and younger gentleman who maybe have a misconception of what shoeshine entails.


Once courted by Berluti, Steven treats the shoe like an individual piece of art and not another quick polish like others in his field. Each pair of shoes is unique and must be treated that way whether it takes 10 minutes or 45 minutes. His goal is to make the shoe as good as new no matter what the condition. Once our philosophy is established with Shoeshine UK in all major locations and the public using quality products and not cheap petroleum filled alternatives our mission will be achieved.

Working with London Shoeshine Limited and The Shoe Snob two companies who also according to Steven have the attiude towards shoecare needed we can transform the industry. Lets make shoeshine an established artform and as routinley used and thought of as your weekly trip to the nail salon or monthly haircut

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