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Elevating the shining of shoes to an art form

Portrait of Steven Skippen

Elevating the shining of shoes to an art form

Forgotten finishes still exist

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression

At work – or at home – our service is polished, and we deliver.


Shoeshine UK is an Artisan Shoeshine and Patina service located at Gaziano Girling on Savile Row and previously at London Hilton on park lane since 2000 . Drop offs are with concierge at London Hilton on Park Lane or by contacting Steven direct to arrange. With the ambition of educating the UK public that shoe care is equally as important as a quick brush.

Gaziano Girling on Savile Row is one place in central London where you can get a real shoeshine. Sadly these days it’s a thing of the past with shoe care seemingly not relevant and speed of the essence. A lover of his work, Steven Skippen seeks to change the public perception of what it should be to care for a real shoe, and not just an art fig leaf.

“Why use a service that gives you a result that you could get yourself at home when you could use a service that would change your perception of shoeshine forever?   The public are not aware of the differences and this is why shoeshine is sadly at the lowest point it has ever been. Its time people saw what shoeshine really could be like”.

Using his bare hands  to apply all the products which is a skill that has taken many years to perfect, Steven has reinvented the wheel of shoeshining.

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