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Elevating the shining of shoes to an art form

Portrait of Steven Skippen

Elevating the shining of shoes to an art form

Shoeshine, leather care and patina specialist

Steven helps people who care about their appearance, to look good by treating the care of their shoes as an artform.

We aim to encourage not only the businessman who you would expect to use a shoeshine service but also ladies and younger gentleman who maybe have a misconception of what shoeshine entails.

We desire to transform people’s views on shoes and to make caring for their shoes a priority

Yours shoes should be entitled to get as much TLC  as they need if you want to expand their longevity, and more to the point, if you want to look like a real gentleman.

Steven’s story

Over the Years


Chance meeting

Recently unemployed, while waiting for his stewardess girlfriend in the great hall of the London City Airport, the newly unemployed Steven decided to treat himself to a shoe shine, because there is nothing better to do when you wait for someone in an airport. 


First Job in Profession

Rather than despair over his fate, Steven decided to pass on the benefits of shoeshine to others and become the best in his field.

2000-present date

Experience at many locations

London City Airport, Bloomberg, Lehman Brothers, KPMG, Harbour Exchange Tower, London Hilton Metropole, The London Hilton on Park Lane, Dunhill, Marks club, George club, The Office group, Whites Club and Goodwood festival.


Resident Shoeshine Artisan at The London Hilton on Park Lane

Steven Skippen has become renowned in the field of shoe shining and as a patina artist.

You can have your shoes shined while you wait, drop them off for collection later, or use Steven’s send and despatch service.

Steven’s big red chair is currently installed in the lobby of The London Hilton on Park Lane, close to Hyde Park, Steven’s hands have had the opportunity to dwell on the shoes such well known personalities as the Sultan of Brunei, The Dalai Lama, Mike Tyson, the King of Jordan, and Jean Claude Van Damme.

working on a shoe
Shoeshine for a lady

Shoeshine is so often thought of as a service only for men, but this is so far from the case.

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