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Elevating the shining of shoes to an art form

Portrait of Steven Skippen

Elevating the shining of shoes to an art form

Literally the best shine ANYWHERE. An experience. Whenever I’m in London I fit it into my vacation.


Absolutely spectacular! Thank you for a job well done – completely revived those. I’d even say better than new


Yesterday I had trainers from Adidas when speaking @adidas Did not want to changefault with trainers told bought online in shop so you need to send back but don’t as it will cost you postage and not guaranteed will be replaced.

After 7 months and good customer was very disappointed shop would not help me !! So @shoeshineuk he took trainers fixed problem now like new … Nice when people like @shoeshineul Steve fixed my issue and didn’t charge me now that’s customer service.

Thank you 🙏Really appreciated

@ShoeshineUk yo can depend on that dear fellow. Fantastic to see such pride taken in your work. And such essential(overlooked) work too!

Lord Monumental


@shoeshineuk You’ve spent decades reaching where you are today. The speed, the technique, the movement. Some people will never be able to comprehend that dimension. Arguably not the idea quality shoes and high end shoeshine client smile


Steven you did 6 tones bro… the ever so talented mad genius 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂


Hello @shoeshineuk it was such an honour to have you come to my opening day, my family and I were blown away by your kindness. You are such a true and honest gentleman. Thank you for inspiring me, mentoring me and for making me belive in myself, will be forever greatful

Steve, really what you’ve done has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect but you have gone beyond what I could have imagined. You’ve created something unique that looks so classy as well.

The glacage on the toe box is incredible!!!!!

Looks unreal in the videos thank you so much smile

The shade of red you’ve created to compliment the tan is unreal.

Why didn’t I find you earlier Steve ?!!!!!

you are an epitome in today’s time where such great skill sets don’t exist any more specially in hotel industry are an icon of an iconic brand @londonhiltonpl


Long live the king of shoe shine

J. Kellett

The new sheriff in town @ShoeshineUk. Onwards and upwards to changing the way people look at #shoeshine @juliuscream

London Shoeshine

Looking forward to some great shoeshines and love on my next trip back to London



Polished all by hand. This is the excellent technique taught by Steven to City Shine shiners.

City Shine


Love the shine: too bad about the make.

K P Martel


Pretty blown away

Simon Minton


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